The spoolfax project aim to make life easy in integrating a fax or email system with an ERP or other software that needs to send reports.

It runs on Unix, looking periodically at a spool directory (that might be shared via SMB to Windows machines), and then read a controlfile and one or more files to be sent. Each file may be automatically converted into postscript and a template may be overlapped to each output page. The output is then sent via fax or via email (with PDF attachments).

Spoolfax is an FreeSoftware project, developed mainly in Debian, that uses HylaFax for sending faxes, while it use any MTA for handling emails.

Actually it is hosted on Alioth. Every contribution is welcome!



You may download the latest release of SpoolFax from Alioth.


The SpoolFax project is founded by Giuseppe Sacco, sponsored by SSA/Baan and funded by Clamp.

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